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The Community College of Aurora was established in 1983 and operated out of leased buildings located throughout the community. While the college has continued to offer classes in area high schools, we completed construction of the three building, 87,000 square foot CentreTech campus in July, 1991. With the opening of the new campus, the Facilities Department experienced rapid growth and took on expanded responsibilities. The Department is currently staffed with 16 multi-talented people -- each willing to jump into any project that will improve services to the campus  community.

As you explore our Web Site, we hope that you will learn more about our areas of departmental responsibility and meet some of the people who provide campus services.

Areas of Responsibility

bulletCampus Building Locator
bulletCollege Procedures Relating to Facilities
bulletCurrent Time and Outside Temperature
bulletDepartmental Management
bulletBuilding Maintenance
bulletCustodial Services
bulletGrounds Maintenance
bulletShipping & Receiving and Events Coordination (Under Construction)
bulletPurchasing Office (Under Construction)
bulletTips for Moving at CCA
bulletRoom and Meeting Set-ups


This site, like parts of the CentreTech Campus, is under construction -- you can expect to see new information and revisions of existing pages as time goes by. Please be patient and feel free to pass along your comments.

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